About Us

Apostolos Paschalis

Apostolos grew up on the island and has lived here all his life. Straight after he graduated from high school he started working for the Municipality of Skiathos. After attending seminars in Business Management he was promoted to the position of Manager at Kahlua Club. He remains politically active and ran for a position on the Town Council in this years election, were he was successfully elected and appointed as a member of Skiathos Island’s Town Council. He is currently a student in the Hellenic Open University and is finishing his degree on the Studies Of Greek Culture.
Contact Information: apostolos@skiathos-services.com, (0030)6948813050

Georgios Bozas

Georgios also grew up on the island and graduated high school here, he is of Greek-British descent and is bilingual. He left the island for his studies and graduated from Huddersfield University, U.K. with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He used his I.T. knowledge working as a freelance web designer, while working seasonally in various local businesses. He recently got his Proficiency Degree in English from the University of Michigan, U.S.A. Since attaining his English degree he’s worked as a freelance translator and contributed some of his translating skills to various non-profit organizations like TED.COM.
Contact Information: georgios@skiathos-services.com, (0030)6946607101